exocad Core Lab Bundle (Flex License)
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This bundle contains:

exocad DentalCAD Core Lab Bundle (Flex License)

Flex license:

The Flex License is a subscription-based model with various benefits, such as a low initial cost and flexible activation/ deactivation of modules. Regular upgrades are included in the price.

Annual Subscription fee from the second year:

Obligatory: £950

Your purchase includes:

Software Dongle And Remote Installation

Delivery time:

5 to 15 working days.


Voxel3Di is authorised as a sub-reseller for Natrodent which is the official reseller for ExoCAD. Check the list of resellers on the ExoCAD website Here

DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina

Major improvement in automation and integration, better visualization, and improved pre-operative treatment planning!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Exocad licenses type:

What is the difference between a Perpetual license and a Flex license?

Perpetual License: Exocad's perpetual license involves a one-time purchase, granting indefinite ownership of the software. You retain the right to use the specific version you bought for as long as needed. While there's typically a significant upfront payment, updates and support are available for a limited period (e.g., one year), requiring renewal thereafter for further assistance. This option appeals to those preferring ownership and avoiding ongoing subscription fees.

Flex License:: Exocad's flex license operates on an annual subscription basis, enabling access to the software for as long as you pay recurring fees. Unlike the perpetual license, there's no large initial payment. The flex license includes updates and support as long as your subscription remains active, it is for users seeking a more flexible payment structure and access to the latest features without extra charges.

What happens if I don’t renew?

Perpetual License: You can continue using the software you purchased but won't receive updates.

Flex License: Non-renewal results in the license's termination.

Is it possible to renew an expired license?

Yes, for a Perpetual license, renewal requires settling a refresh fee.