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Cephalo.Ai® is an AI-driven cephalometric analysis software that gives you the most accurate cephalometric analysis in only 5 seconds.

With its advanced machine learning, Cephalo.Ai is able to detect anatomical landmarks automatically, making analyses and measurements more accurate, efficient, and faster than the manual method, which leads to accelerating your workflow and boosting your clinic to a top-notch clinic.

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Why Cephalo.Ai?

One-Click Speed

No more multiple patient visits. Get your analysis in only 5 seconds and accelerate your workflow.

Accurate Results

Cephalo.Ai detects even minor deviations from normal anatomy, making it more accurate than traditional analysis.

Easy To Use

Cephalo.Ai has a user-friendly interface and is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

How It Works

Turn x-ray into information instantly!

Upload X-Ray

Select the patient, then upload the cephalometric X- ray

Instant Tracing

Select A.I. Digitization, and let the AI mark all landmarks and generate a cephalometric tracing for you with one click.

Select Analysis Type

Choose any type of analysis you want or create your own type.

Learn More

Download Report

Download the analysis report; it will be downloaded as a PDF file.

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The Most Versatile Types of Analysis

that covers all diagnostic approaches for any orthodontic case. Furthermore, Cephalo.Ai facilitates the creation and storage of user-defined analyses, ensuring a fully customizable approach tailored to your specific workflow.

Save your valuable time

Cephalo.Ai overcomes all obstacles of manual tracing methods, which makes you spend less time in clinic and more time for yourself and your continued learning.

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